The realization that your Awakening is inevitable

Can awakening be difficult?

By "Awakening", we mean the awakening to our true, divine self. US itself no more than to identify the small, helpless ego-ego, but to recognize what is timeless, eternal self.

According to statements made by people who are already headed your way, our divine self through properties such as boundless joy and unconditional love is characterized. It sounds us well and safely for many a good part of the motivation to want to wake up. And many of us have had also briefly yourself moments of this insight. You too?

But so often seem to love and joy to be, we are the last. The whole awakened then just seem only nonsense to talk nonsense, which makes us angry and frustrated.

What they are seeing, seems unattainable for us. 

And this feels like "Out of reach" brings us directly to the bottom of the ego, which cleverly around us on the nose to make something very simple completely impossible. The ego does not want Yes that we wake up, because it would be his end!

But we think once quite logically:

Can awakening be really difficult?

When it comes to awaken what we are in truth and forever, to our essence rather than even fabricated, temporary identity of the everyday self, it must be simple. It can be not so difficult to see something what already is. It would, however, indeed difficult to see something what is not!

Awakening seems just so difficult because we associate with something of the love that is our own, which is separated from us. We think we should only "reach""" or "earn". Enough work to us, enough given, enough long meditate or study of spiritual wisdom, until it eventually makes "Click".

This is the fallacy that forever holding us in a State of searching, instead of letting us experience what we do so much want.

If we want to awaken, then we must turn our thinking, and assume that that's what we're looking for is already there.

Love is the creative force of the universe. She made us, so also we are love. When we love, then we are love always – and not only to comply with certain prerequisites. Now already!

You're already the love and the divine self, you're looking for. No matter whether you meditate or not. No matter whether you forgive or not. Whether you are doing yoga and read spiritual books just or not.

What you think "have to do", to awaken, does not apply.

Now maybe you're asking why you're awakened then not long ago?

Well, you've been there now and always strictly speaking. You don't notice it only, because your mental orientation is stubbornly focused on the world of the ego.

Nothing you need to do to achieve"the Awakening". But, you have to align your mental focus.
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Instead of, for example, to think about, why you always still not are awakened, you still have to – forgive whom or what it is, what swirls around in your mind…

…probiere yet again, what happens if you're thinking about following things and ask to knowledge of the truth:

1. I am love

2. No matter what has happened or is happening, nothing will change anything, I am love

3. Because I am love, nothing and no one can separate me from you – I can't seem to escape her. I can imagine only me, love be separated – and I've done that very successfully!

4. Love is something spiritual, not material. That's why I'm not material but spiritual, and I can therefore be not my body.

How are you, if you read these statements, and makes you seem?

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Not purely intellectual exercise to remain to bring mental focus, as love. We can not cause think the awakening – but it is an experience. But this experience we can with our thinking – what we normally do – hinder or favour. And that's the point.

Similarly, we want to claim that awakening is easy and anyone who succeeds within a period of three days, is a loser. There is abundant internal resistance against the Wahrheit.Doch if we have once felt the truth and learn, quickly less resistance.

In three days, you will receive the next part of this course. Is going to be about, how you can feel the love in you.

Best regards and until next time,.

Armin & Kendra


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This text is the beginning of our free three-part mini course on faster awakening. Get part two and three by filling out this form *:  

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