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Welcome to the free online Forgiveness Conference!

January 21st – February 4th 2018

Our Conference will be mainly in German, at the same time we will have some very inspiring and live-changing interviews in English. 

You can look forward to Byron Katie ("The Work"), Ann Weiser Cornell ("Focusing"), Mari Perron ("A Course of Love") and John Rosania ("Radical Honesty"). 

And for those of you who can follow German, there will be more:

  • Daily interviews with experts in forgiveness 
  • Live-webinars where you can find help for your own issues
  • Live-chats to meet new friends among participants and have an exchange with some of the speakers 

  • How to be part of the Conference:

    1. Fill out the registration form below
    2. Please confirm the link in the confirmation email you receive (No need to understand German ;-). Just click on the blue link in the email you will get in a few minutes from "")
    3. During the conference you will receive daily emails with links to the interviews and the live-events. You can watch every video for 48 hours after we publish it online. 

    The Conference is free of charge. 

    Register now*:

    We are looking forward to meeting you!

    See you soon!

    Armin, Kendra & team

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